TippingPoint delivers new intrusion prevention system platform

TippingPoint announced the TippingPoint N-Platform, a new intrusion prevention system (IPS) platform with a Threat Suppression Engine (TSE) that adds capacity for deep packet traffic inspection.

N-Platform includes a modular software architecture that supports development and deployment of IPS filter packages from DVLabs, as well as from customers. It also provides the foundation for development of security services that can be powered by deep packet inspection.

The modular design also enables further integration with third party solutions including, but not limited to: vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management (VA/VM); forensics solutions; security information management (SIM) systems; and network-based anomaly detection (NBAD) products.

The redesigned Threat Suppression Engine (TSE) embedded in the TippingPoint N-Platform is designed to keep pace with the evolving security demands of today’s enterprise networks and data centers. This enables an increase in simultaneous deep packet inspection capacity for supporting future security services. Additionally, the TSE provides greater threat protection to handle threat evolution; and capacity to simultaneously run multiple IPS filters packs and security services.

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