Network access control system PacketFence 1.8.5 released

PacketFence is a free and open source network access control (NAC) system. PacketFence is actively maintained and has been deployed in numerous large-scale institutions over the past years. It can be used to effectively secure networks – from small to very large heterogeneous networks.

PacketFence 1.8.5 news are included below.

New Features

  • Nessus integration with captive portal for scanning on registration
  • PacketFence is now distributed as a yum repository (avoids having the installer pull a lot of cpan modules and jpgraph)
  • normal/correct VLAN default behaviour changed (see UPGRADE for details)
  • PacketFence is now able to automatically create static routes for routed registration and isolation VLANs
  • significant performance improvement in 802.1X mode (wired and wireless) or in MAC authentication on wireless networks
  • massive documentation update (how to configure hardware, new install method, new support packages and more…)
  • blocking misbehaving user-agents on captive portal (avoid unnecessary load)
  • logging priority (INFO, WARN, ERROR) shown in log files
  • added a few utilities in addons/


  • SECURITY: fixed sensitive information leak in admin login: When password were considered invalid they were displayed
  • removed Hub violation that caused too many false positives
  • whitelisting MAC addresses more consistent across violation types
  • init script more robust
  • using temporary redirects instead of permanent ones

New hardware support

  • Amer SS2R24i switch in linkUp/linkDown mode
  • 3Com Switch 4200G and SuperStack 4500 in port-security mode
  • Enterasys D2, Matrix N3 and SecureStack C3 in linkUp/linkDown and maclock (port-security)
  • Extreme Networks Summit X250e in linkUp/linkDown mode.

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