Christmas spam starts early this year

It seems that retailers are not the only ones to have hurried up with getting advantage of Christmas as a magic, profit-enhancing word.

Spammers are know for their heightened activity during holidays. According to TrendLabs, this time they mean to exploit the gift-giving custom and the recent economic crisis to defraud you of your credit card information by peddling replicas of watches, jewelry and handbags at low, discounted prices.

Subject lines like: Better Early than Late, Quantities are low and Reminder are designed to generate a sense of urgency that (they hope!) will make you careless. If you click on the link, you will be taken to a bogus site that – let’s admit it – looks pretty legit and rather tempting:

Of course, you know the drill – don’t fall for it and enter any kind of information, no matter how good the offer seems. You should know better by now.

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