Intelligence agency hit by DoS attacks

According to The Local, Sweden is seeing her share of cyber disruptions and attacks this last few days. First a technical error blocked access to hundreds of Swedish websites for half an hour, then the police website (among others) gets hit by a DDos attack. This Monday was an intelligence agency’s turn.

The National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) website was beginning to be overwhelmed by the huge volume of emails sent their way, when the agency decided to shut down the site until they could find out what was happening and how to stop the attack.

The website was back online on Tuesday, and the agency spokeperson announced that besides the website, no other operation was compromised by the attack. “An intrusion is basically impossible to carry out against us. This doesn’t impact our operations,” she said.

Upon being asked if they consider this incident to be embarrassing for an agency that helps other agencies dodge cyber attacks, she replied: “No, it’s not the least bit embarrassing. DoS attacks are almost impossible to defend against.”

There’s no explanation about why the website is offline again.

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