Video surveillance for security applications

Conexant Systems unveiled a new video encoder for residential smart home and commercial security applications. The low-power CX93510 encoder allows video streams to be captured and recorded simultaneously, and is targeted at products including motion sensors with low-cost passive infrared (PIR) technology, intercoms, baby monitors, and IP network cameras.

The CX93510 operates at 12 milliamperes (mA) in full power and 10 nanoamps (nA) in sleep mode, which maximizes battery life. This is an important feature to alarm companies, many of which are targeting two-to-five years of system operation before battery replacement is required. In addition, low-power systems generate less heat, which is a key consideration for embedded applications such as intercoms installed in a wall and alarm systems located in areas with poor ventilation.

The new video encoder includes support for PIR technology, which is used in motion sensors to detect changes in temperature caused by infrared sources of energy such as a person entering a room. When this occurs, the motion sensor triggers the image-capture portion of the security system, which begins visually recording the event.

The CX93510 supports popular host interface options including serial peripheral interface (SPI), inter-integrated circuit (I2C), and universal asynchronous receiver/transmit (UART), which maximizes design flexibility and allows product developers to use lower-cost microprocessors for certain applications. An embedded random access memory buffer eliminates the need for external memory, which further reduces bill-of-material costs. In addition, a microphone input allows manufacturers to develop security products and baby monitors that can capture voice and background sounds, as well as color or black-and-white video streams.

The CX93510 is offered in a compact 6 mm x 6 mm 48-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Prices range from $4.00 to $5.00 each in production quantities depending on the feature-set.

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