FIFA World Cup related scams

It should be universally know by now that hot news and big events are almost always used by spammers, phishers and peddlers of scareware to reach the widest audience possible. The FIFA World Cup that takes place in South Africa next year is no exception.

McAfee Labs warns users about a couple of scams that are already present.

The first one is a fake lottery, purportedly held by the South African Football Association. You are, of course, asked to pay “processing fees” or “transfer charges” so you can receive your winnings. We have already seen innumerable scams like this – one wonders is there is anyone who still falls for such a scheme. But, obviously some people still do, because scammers wouldn’t bother with it if there were no results.

In the second one you are offered to watch live games online. The insult is double: not only do you pay to download a player, but when you do, you don’t actually get a player, but scareware.

Another thing you have to be really careful with is the process of buying tickets for the games online. As McAfee advises: “Go to, use a reputable travel agent, or contact your football/soccer association directly. Don’t assume unsolicited online offers are genuine.”

There will be a lot of fakes sites out there, and they will try to relieve of your hard-earned cash. FIFA warns that they are the only ones who will be selling tickets, and that only a few other companies will sell authorized packages.

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