The 2010 threat landscape

The 2010 threat landscape

In conjunction with their State of the Internet 2009 report, CA outlined their online security predictions for 2010.

1. Search engine optimization exploits and malicious advertising (malvertising) will increase as a means to distribute malware.

2. Another big computer worm like Conficker is likely. The increasing popularity of web-based applications and discovery of critical zero-day vulnerabilities, especially for new operating systems such as Windows 7 and Google Chrome, present good opportunities for a new worm outbreak.

3. Threats to Web 2.0 technologies such as social networks will continue to grow.

4. Denial-of-Service attacks will increase in popularity as a means to make a political statement. Popular websites like Twitter and Facebook are likely to fall victim once again.

5. Banking Trojans: These Trojans manifest as banking-related threats orchestrated to steal users’ identities for financial gain.

6. Malware actors will focus on the 64 bit and Apple platform.

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