High-performing DNS caching software

Secure64 Software released Secure64 DNS Cache, a high-performing DNS caching solution that offers the protection against cache poisoning attacks.

“Continually rising query loads and widely published DNS protocol vulnerabilities have increased the need for performance and security among carriers and service providers,” said Steve Goodbarn, CEO and Director of Secure64.

“Traditional caching solutions either offer inadequate performance, have well-publicized security vulnerabilities, or require significant capital and operating investments to implement and maintain. By delivering throughput of 125,000 queries per second with consistently low query latency and a unique cache poisoning defense architecture, Secure64 DNS Cache offers customers a secure caching solution that makes economic sense.”

Secure64 DNS Cache’s five layer defense architecture provides the greatest protection against cache poisoning attacks, while its unique, patented architecture makes it immune to rootkits and malware and able to resist high volume Denial of Service attacks without losing performance.

Secure64 DNS Cache starts at $29,995 and is available immediately.

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