A closer look at Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper (Scan Version)

Two of Webroot’s software offerings can be tested through a scan version: Webroot Spy Sweeper or AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper.

After you’ve downloaded the file from their website – during the installation process – you will be asked if you want to install one of the two options. For the purpose of this overview I chose the latter.

Also during the installation, the Setup Manager will download the additional files needed:

The Setup Wizards lets you schedule scans and manage the online backup feature (unfortunately, this is an option that is available only if you buy the full version).

The Welcome screen:

Press the Sweep button to access the action:

The Sweep types are, as usual: Quick, Full and Custom.

As you can see, the full sweep can take some time, but it’s very thorough:

During the sweep, I even got a couple of these warnings:

Unfortunately, these come without the option of blocking the threats.

After it’s finished, you are referred to the Quarantine, where you can see which malware was detected and find some information about what they do:

You can also view details of the sweep:

Press on the “Shields” button to the left to access the menu where you can turn them on or off. The Shield Summary gives you a full overview of their current status:

The Options menu lets you change the type of sweep and shows you what things it checks:

The Shields submenu allows you to turn on and off the antivirus protection and the behavioral detection, and to choose the shield alerts method and gamer mode options.

All in all, this Scan Version of Webroot’s software is good to show what it actually looks like and the options it gives, but since you can’t block unwanted traffic, use the backup option, or even clean your system, it shows little in the way of what it’s really capable.

If you still want to try it, go here and press the “Run Free Scan” at the bottom right of the page to download the needed executable.

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