GnuPG 2.0.14 released

The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is GNU’s tool for secure communication and data storage. It can be used to encrypt data, create digital signatures, help authenticating using Secure Shell and to provide a framework for public key cryptography.

It includes an advanced key management facility and is compliant with the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards.

What’s new:

  • The default for –include-cert is now to include all certificates in the chain except for the root certificate.
  • Numerical values may now be used as an alternative to the debug-level keywords.
  • The GPGSM –audit-log feature is now more complete.
  • GPG now supports DNS lookups for SRV, PKA and CERT on W32.
  • New GPGSM option –ignore-cert-extension.
  • New and changed passphrases are now created with an iteration count requiring about 100ms of CPU work.

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