F-Secure protects smartphone data

F-Secure released its new standalone smartphone solution, Anti-Theft for Mobile which provides three useful security features to protect your phone: remote lock, remote wipe and theft control. The product is available for Symbian and Windows Phone platforms.

The remote lock protects confidential information quickly and easily by locking the device with a single SMS message. The theft control feature activates if someone changes the SIM card by locking the device and informing you of the new number. The remote wipe is the ultimate safety measure, erasing all the data on the phone with a single SMS message.

Arnoud de Vaal, Director at F-Secure’s Mobile Business Unit, says, “You carry your smartphone with you where ever you go, which means it can be particularly prone to being lost or stolen. Nowadays our mobiles contain a great deal of personal and confidential data that need protection. F-Secure’s standalone anti-theft software provides an easy and affordable way to make sure this information is not misused by anyone.”

Key features:

  • Complete, automatically updated security solution for smartphones.
  • Includes firewall, real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect smartphone against mobile malware.
  • Advanced anti-theft features
  • Remote Lock can lock the phone easily with a single SMS message.
  • Theft Control locks the phone if the SIM card is changed.
  • Remote Wipe erases all the data on the phone
  • an ultimate safety measure to prevent misuse.
  • Works invisibly in the background, scanning all network traffic and monitoring the phone for malware.
  • Automatically retrieves newest updates whenever any data connection is used.
  • Additional SMS update mechanism for critical updates when a data connection is not available.

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