Aggressive phishing campaign spoofing Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access

An aggressive spear phishing email campaign inviting recipients to “apply a new set of settings” to their mailboxes because of a recent “security upgrade” of their mailing service.

An embedded link in the email connects users to a web site that appears to be a Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access page, including official Microsoft and Microsoft Office logos. On the page, users are directed to “download and launch a file with a new set of settings for your e-mail account.”

The executable is actually a Zbot Trojan virus similar to Trojans distributed in recent H1N1 and Facebook phishing attacks.

“This spear phishing campaign is unusual in that it is highly personalized and is targeting a very large number of domains with a customized message for each domain,” said Dr. Tom Steding, president and CEO of Red Condor.

“Spear phishing campaigns usually target a single organization or domain, but this attack broke the mold as the volume and targets are very high. Once again, this is a perfect example of scammers modifying their tactics to thwart traditional security systems and demonstrates the importance of having an advanced, real-time email security solution. For Red Condor customers, the messages were blocked immediately, and a new filtering rule was in place within a few minutes of detecting the campaign.”

A spear phishing campaign is a highly targeted form of phishing that typically targets a single organization. Emails appear as if they come from a trusted source, such as an employer who would normally send an email to the entire company or a well-known organization.

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