Your files held for ransom

F-Secure alerts about the latest scheme that tries to make you buy rogue software to “repair” your “corrupted” files.

It starts when you get infected by a Trojan that encrypts your files (text documents, images, video files…) and when you tried to open them, an error notice pops up and notifies you that the file in question is corrupted.

Then, it prompts you to download and install “recommended file repair software”, which is in fact Rogue:W32/DatDoc. Upon execution, it notifies you that with the unregistered version you can repair only one file:

To “repair” the rest of your files, you have to buy the full version. Or, you have to become suspicious and realize that this offer doesn’t sound quite right, remembering that you have those files backed up online, or on removable media, and that you can get them back for free. Of course, you must restore them AFTER you have cleaned up you computer of the malicious software that started this whole thing.

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