Free backup and recovery software

Paragon Backup & Recovery 10.1 Free Edition is a disaster recovery tool for stand-alone Windows-based PCs.

This tool allows you to take complete control of your PC’s safety. Features include:

  • Cyclic Backup – complete infrastructure for establishing a self-acting data protection system, fully compliant with the set-and-forget backup policy. Whenever Windows fails, you can get it back on track in minutes.
  • Support for the latest Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit). Support for all existing backup techniques and of all the latest hardware as well as hard disk partitioning schemes.
  • Backup and restore not only single GPT volumes but entire disks, including the option of resize during the restore operation.
  • Live imaging for a Win2K+ system with two snapshot technologies onboard- Zero-install accomplishment of any operation with multi-platform bootable recovery media which you can build on a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc or a thumb drive.
  • Fast restore on a granular level without the need to restore the whole image.

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