IronKey launches Trusted Virtual Computing Initiative

IronKey launched its Trusted Virtual Computing initiative to enable organizations to realize the cost-effective benefits of virtualization without compromising security.

IronKey Trusted Virtual Computing offers a way to provide for business continuity and telework, enabling secure portable virtualization even when network connections are lost, or bandwidth is limited. The solution also addresses some of the hardest security problems, including protection from root kits and commercial banking Trojans.

Key components:

IronKey multifunction security device has the look and feel of a USB thumb drive, and is just as easy to use. Underlying this initiative, the IronKey portable multifunction computing device, provides the essential hardware-based security, user authentication, and high-performance architecture that enable secure portable virtualization solutions.

Application validation in hardware – The IronKey Cryptochip handles application validation using x.509 digital certificates in hardware that is manufactured through a secure supply chain.

Optimized secure storage – IronKey secure portable virtualization protects the virtualization payload, applications, and user data from unauthorized access with strong hardware encryption.

IronKey KeyOS firmware is optimized not only to meet the demands of virtualization security but also the performance requirements of portable desktops. IronKey KeyOS also prevents updates from getting on the device unless they are digitally signed by IronKey – ensuring that your payload is always what you think it is.

Strong authentication for network access – The IronKey multifunction security devices contain an array of strong two-factor authentication technologies, allowing virtualized applications to authenticate themselves to corporate networks and VPNs.

Remote management – Enterprise-class remote systems management adds another level of security.

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