Global network of infected devices unearthed

While working on a project for the Ministry of Defense, a team of Czech researchers has discovered a global network of virus-infected devices that makes it possible to redirect the flow of information (online banking credentials and passwords to various services – to name just a few) coming from the users to servers where “wiretapping” can be set up.

The Prague Daily Monitor reports that the network, humorously dubbed “Chuck Norris” by its creators, is comprised of devices all over South America and Europe – reaching even to China in some instances.

The central server was located in Italy until the researchers made public the existence of the network, following which this server was disconnected and other servers sprung up around the world to take its place.

Jan Vykopal, one of the team researchers at Masaryk University, said that one of their goals is to take down these servers and others that may be activated to replace them. The team managed to infiltrate the network by allowing the infection of one of their devices and following the trail leading to the command servers.

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