New PGP Key Management Server

PGP Corporation announced its new PGP Key Management Server, which delivers open enterprise key and certificate management to global organizations.

Deployment and the need to manage encryption technology has grown dramatically over the past several years as hard drives, servers, databases, smartphones and flash drives virtually all come provisioned with encryption. Additionally, SSL certificates are ubiquitous in server and cloud environments, and bring their own set of administrative challenges.

Each new encryption product introduces yet another set of key management responsibilities that compound the administrative overhead and cost for IT and security departments.

“Key management has become a huge challenge for large enterprises, government organizations and other institutions that can no longer approach security “one device’ at a time. Instead they need a cross platform, trusted data protection strategy,” said Phillip Dunkelberger, president and CEO at PGP Corporation. “Managing a handful of encryption keys is one thing, but when organizations get more sophisticated and start to encrypt multiple laptops, smartphones, drives, servers and tapes, the task can become daunting. Our customers have been looking for a complete approach to key management that addresses data protection in a strategic manner.”

Key features in this release include:

Support for heterogeneous environments

  • Asymmetric, Symmetric and Proprietary Keys
  • Architected for multi-protocol support (KMIP, OPAL, IEEE 1619.3, PKCS 11)
  • Support for desktops, servers, and devices.

Out of the Box, automated management and deployment for certificates

  • Provisioning and lifecycle management including expiration dates and renewal
  • SSL, VPN, Wireless Access, etc.

Generalised automation agent

  • Simple integration on 30+ operating system versions.

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