Rapid7 NeXpose now includes Exploit Exposure

Rapid7 announced Exploit Exposure, a new technology in its vulnerability management product, Rapid7 NeXpose. Exploit Exposure provides users with deeper insight into the breach paths for vulnerabilities identified across multiple threat vectors, including Web applications, operating systems, networks and databases by detailing the risk that discovered vulnerabilities represent to critical business data.

With this new feature, NeXpose is the only vulnerability management solution to use real exploit intelligence to perform risk classification. As a result, organizations can make more informed decisions and focus remediation resources on the most critical, exploitable security gaps identified in their IT infrastructure.

The Rapid7 NeXpose family of products performs more than 40,000 vulnerability checks across the broadest level of assets found in today’s IT infrastructure within organizations of all sizes. As the number of attacks and vulnerabilities continue to rise, security professionals need the ability to prioritize real threats and remediate the greatest risks first.

Exploit Exposure addresses this challenge by identifying whether an exploit exists and combines exploit ranking with other factors to determine the probability of a successful attack. As a result, security managers have additional knowledge behind identified vulnerabilities, including whether those vulnerabilities have known exploits, and can then determine appropriate remediation next steps.

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