Protect Mac applications against piracy and malicious attacks

As the Mac platform continues to gain popularity, attackers are increasingly exploiting weaknesses in Mac OS X applications to invade end-user systems. This exploitation leads to application piracy, loss of application integrity, and loss of compliance with DRM standards.

GuardIT for Mac OS X offers protection against piracy, tampering, reverse engineering, malware or other forms of attack.

Key features and benefits of Arxan GuardIT for Mac OS X include:

  • Diverse and customizable Guard types for code security, including obfuscation, encryption, anti-debug, repair, and checksum
  • Instruction level granularity to fine-tune code protection ranges
  • Binary level security which prohibits changes to the source code and the software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Tailored security designs to maintain performance levels, and build in resilience
  • Compatibility with third party license management, and support for Mac OS X versions 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6.

“GuardIT for Mac OS X provides the most durable application hardening with security against reverse engineering and tampering, so software developers and producers can mitigate the risk of exploitable vulnerabilities and loss of revenues,” said Mike Dager, CEO of Arxan. “Our code protection solution protects critical algorithms, hardens license management and assists with DRM robustness rules compliance, and this has never been more critical than today when applications are deployed in distributed and untrusted environments that expose code to constant attacks.”

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