SEO poisoning reaches a new level

To improve the chances of installing their malware on random computers, scareware peddlers have decided to set up more that 60 websites that contain hundreds of possible search matches for hot/trending topics.

On topics ranging from the Olympics to the death of Alexander McQueen, the searches present not just a few malicious links, but a myriad. According to F-Secure, the search matches on those malicious websites overlap considerably, so that when you search for a particular topic, almost all of those website will pop-out in the search results, and a lot of them in the top 10:

If the user follows any of those links, he will be faced with a fake scanning process. Once the computer has been “scanned”, and on it malware is “found” by the bucketload, he is conveniently offered an anti-malware solution:

This fake software will try to make you pay for its “services”. Do we need to mention that that money is going to criminals and your computer is even more unsafe than before?

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