Cloud based Web application security assessment

Cenzic released ClickToSecure Cloud, a self-service, completely cloud based Web application security assessment solution. With this new cloud platform, Cenzic has created open APIs to allow deeper integration with other vendors.

The solution allows the user to test their Websites for vulnerabilities and conduct quick assessments entirely in the cloud. The solution will have various levels of assessments from a basic health check to a support for compliance for PCI 6.6, and other regulations.

ClickToSecure Cloud is the latest product in Cenzic’s Web vulnerability scanning solution portfolio, which also includes Cenzic Hailstorm (enterprise software), and Cenzic ClickToSecure Managed (a remote assessment service conducted by Cenzic security experts on behalf of customers).

Pricing starts at $399 allowing SMBs who in the past couldn’t afford Web application security solutions, to now jump start their security posture at very affordable price-points. Furthermore, the flexibility of Cenzic’s solutions allows customers to scale to deeper testing while doing so at their own pace.

“Given today’s threat environment, it is imperative that all organizations, large or small, ensure their Web applications are secure,” said Neil MacDonald, VP and Gartner Fellow. “While there are many Web application security options for larger enterprises, there were very few options for SMBs looking for flexibility in pricing and delivery models for Web application security. Emerging cloud-based alternatives for applications security testing with lower cost and self-service interfaces make it easier for SMBs to protect their Web sites and comply with increasingly stringent compliance regulations like PCI.”

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