International Secure Systems Development Conference

The International Secure Systems Development Conference, taking place in London during May 2010, addresses the key issues around designing-in security for standard and web-based software and systems, both in terms of developing new applications securely and also in adding security to legacy applications.

The aim is to attract complete Policy-level, Project and Technical implementation teams responsible for developing secure systems within an organisation. This would include Lead Developers, Systems Architects, CISO’s, CTO’s, Compliance, Risk & Audit Professionals, Government Policymakers and others involved in systems development.

Whilst external threats (and internal subversions) have for years grabbed the IT security headlines, there has been an increasing realization amongst many experts that the vast majority of today’s vulnerabilities can be tracked back to shortcomings in application coding, and repeated design failures whereby business-critical applications are simply not able to function as part of today’s pervasive security and authentication architectures.

An agenda of the conference is available below, click the image for a bigger version:

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