Fake Virustotal serves malware

The reputation of VirusTotal, the well-known site that allows you to check if a suspicious file is malicious or not, is bound to be somewhat affected by the emergence of a malicious site that abuses the familiar name.

Situated on the virus-total(dot)in domain, it supposedly offers a free online antivirus scanning service but, Sunbelt warns, if you press the “SCAN” button, after a few instants you are faced with the usual warning that pops up on sites peddling rogue antivirus software:

To remove the malware “found” on your computer, you are offered a solution: an executable that is pretends to be the antivirus solution you need. Unfortunately for you, it is a fake that goes by the name “SecurityTool”.

The real VirusTotal is located at virustotal.com. Let’s hope that their reputation will be minimally affected.

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