Malware and vulnerability testing for business websites

Qualys introduced Qualys GO SECURE – a new service that allows businesses of all sizes to test their web sites for the presence of malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, as well as SSL certificate validation. Once a web site passes the four comprehensive security tests, the Qualys GO SECURE service generates a Qualys SECURE seal for the merchant to display on their web site demonstrating to online customers that their company is maintaining a proactive security program.

As more and more business is transacted over the Internet, it is important for consumers to know that the web sites they visit are taking online security seriously. By using the Qualys SECURE seal, businesses can demonstrate that their web sites are following rigorous security testing procedures on a regular basis. If malware or a vulnerability that could lead to infection of online visitors or compromise of the web site is identified by the GO SECURE service, the merchant is immediately notified and the seal is subsequently removed. After the merchant removes the malware or remediates the vulnerability either by fixing or mitigating it, then the Qualys SECURE seal is re-instated automatically.

The service validates that a web site has gone through a comprehensive security test by scanning for:

  • Perimeter vulnerabilities – identifying externally facing vulnerabilities of the web server that could give attackers access to information stored on the host
  • Web application vulnerabilities – by crawling and injecting http requests to the web application to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Malware detection – to identify malicious software that could be hosted by the web site and infect visitors
  • SSL certificate validation – to verify the web site is using an up-to-date SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) for encryption of sensitive information during online transactions.

Qualys GO SECURE subscriptions are sold annually starting at $995 per web site. To sign up for this service, go here.

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