Playstation emulator installs malware

Playing again the games you used to amuse yourself with for hours some years ago could bring a smile to your face, but it could also get your computer infected.

Searching for an emulator for Playstation 2 could get you in trouble – Sunbelt warns . Appzkeygen(dot)com is a “warez” site that offers everything you need but you don’t want to pay for – including some malware.

If you download and execute any of the files offered in the “Play 2 Emulator” post, two malicious files will be dropped in your computer – xpysys.dll in your System32 folder, and a randomly named executable in the Windows directory.

The malware in question is a Trojan downloader. There were also reports that a FakeAV is subsequently installed. In truth, if you get a downloader on your computer there is no end to what other malware can get installed without you knowing it, so be careful.

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