News of Corey Haim’s funeral lead to fake AV

Corey Haim’s death is old news by now, but fans of the prematurely deceased teen idol are still on the lookout for information concerning his death.

Those interested in the details regarding his funeral and memorial service are in danger of getting redirected to sites where fake AV can be downloaded.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the number of malicious links in the top search results is nothing to sneeze at. TrendLabs warns that when the user follows one of these links, a fake window opens up which “shows” the user’s computer is full of malware and recommends downloading the offered AV solution.

After the user downloads the fake program, it simulates a scan and finding Trojans and viruses all over the place. To remove them, the user is urged to activate the solution by buying a subscription:

Once the personal and credit card information is given, the criminals have achieved their goal.

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