Cloud-based rapid disaster recovery

Unitrends unveiled its Vault2Cloud disaster recovery service, monitored and managed through a simple, easy-to-use Web 2.0-based user interface.

Vault2Cloud solves many of the traditional challenges and concerns with cloud computing such as security, performance of local backup and recovery, and initial data synchronization.

The service offers simplified cloud backup management console, automated monitoring and notification features to assure the protected data is synchronized, available and secure.

Vault2Cloud is a capacity-based solution with pricing starting at $0.49 per gigabyte per month. Channel partners selling Vault2Cloud will receive a 100% discount for the first 100GB of reserved capacity.

“Unitrends has been offering private vaulting services for years. What we’ve found is that in spite of the dire financial impact of disasters on business operations, many small and mid-sized companies avoid implementing disaster recovery solutions because of the capital and operational expense,” said Russ Holt, senior VP of Business Development at Unitrends. “With Vault2Cloud, small and mid-sized companies can dramatically reduce their capital and operational expenditure.”


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