First dual biometric reader

ZK Software ntroduced the world’s first dual biometric reader. Just the touch of a finger, a one second facial scan or flash of an ID card is all it takes for the iFace to verify a person’s identity.

The iFace offers numerous communications options, and enables integration with any software application. It can store up to 10,000 fingerprint templates, 700 face templates and 100,000 transactions.

The iFace:

  • Detects the same face with 15 different facial expressions and is unaffected by varying light intensity
  • Boasts one of the fastest fingerprint-and facial-matching algorithms available
  • Includes a high definition “auto-learning” infrared night vision camera for user identification in poorly lit environments
  • Easily integrates with any software application
  • Offers optional built-in Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.

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