Nmap includes detection script for major remote vulnerability in Mac OS X

Nmap is a free and open source utility for network exploration or security auditing.

Nmap 5.30BETA1 was released today. Top features include:

  • 37 new NSE scripts, bringing the total to 117! New scripts cover SNMP, SSL, Postgress, MySQL, HTTP, LDAP, NFS, DB2, AFS, and many more. Also check out the clever host scripts qscan and ipidseq.
  • Nmap developer Patrik Karlsson found a major remote vulnerability in Mac OS X, which allows access t
  • files in the parent directory of an AFS share. Apple finally patched it today w/10.6.3, and this release includes an exploit and detection script!
  • This release includes an ALPHA TEST VERSION of the Nping packet generation utility.
  • About 100 other significant changes.

The Nmap 5.30BETA1 source code and packages for Linux, Mac, and Windows are available for download here.

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