Tenable releases SecurityCenter 4

Tenable released SecurityCenter 4, the enterprise-class management console for Tenable’s Unified Security Monitoring suite of products.

By centralizing system and event alerting across security, IT or compliance regulation parameters, SecurityCenter 4 enables a unified operating model through a set of graphical dashboards and customizable real-time event feeds.

Any type of data managed by SecurityCenter 4 can be used for a live dashboard. This includes vulnerability trending, open port counts, events such as USB device inserts, system status with compliance regulations such as PCI or FDCC and much more. Every element and filter on the dashboard is also available as a report.

In addition to the dashboards, each SecurityCenter 4 user can schedule a query for any type of event or vulnerability condition and specify if an alert should be generated if the value returned is more than, less than or equal to a certain value. Actions to be taken include sending email alerts, sending a syslog message, opening a ticket, open an in-system SecurityCenter notification message and even launching a Nessus scan.

Users of SecurityCenter 4 can quickly upload lists of known static IP addresses and categorize them as assets. These could be a list of routers, the hosts in the DMZ, a list of Class C networks that make up the network and many other scenarios. If a list of devices or networks is not known, SecurityCenter can be programmed to build its own list dynamically. Dynamic asset lists can be used to create lists of IP addresses based on an operating system, open port, MAC address, service, missing patch level and much more.

Finally, when analyzing any type of log or event data, the matching IP addresses can also be quickly saved as a static asset list. Asset lists can be used for access control, to target scans, for reporting, for alerting and to drive dashboards.

SecurityCenter 4 includes pre-configured report templates for relevant compliance requirements such as PCI and FISMA. All vulnerability, compliance and log data that is collected and managed by SecurityCenter is available for reporting. SecurityCenter 4 also includes a variety of IT auditing and security reports.

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