ID Vault for iPhone: Single tap login for online accounts

White Sky introduced a secure way to access any online account from the iPhone with its ID Vault for iPhone. ID Vault is the first iPhone app that offers true single-tap access for virtually all online accounts.

To access accounts, users simply enter a 4-digit PIN, tap on the website name from their personalized account list, and are logged in automatically using the built-in iPhone browser – even for multi-step log-in procedures favored by many banks.

Users can access all accounts from ID Vault, rather than having to use multiple applications for different institutions, to access all their financially-related accounts.

Set up takes less than two minutes and requires no separate data entry. ID Vault automatically records user names, passwords, secret questions and answers during normal log in. Additional fields are available for storing credit card information, account numbers and notes to further streamline account access.

ID Vault was designed using native iPhone user interaction standards so that users can get started quickly. Strong AES 256-bit encryption protects data even if the phone is lost or stolen.

ID Vault for iPhone is available now on the Apple App Store for some countries. The product is free for up to three online accounts; and there is an in-app upgrade that allows users to add an unlimited number of accounts for a one-time cost of $9.99.

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