McAfee unveils new firewall solutions

McAfee released Firewall Enterprise 8. Next generation capabilities include advancements in firewall management, application discovery and protection, and integrated layers of threat protection.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise uses global reputation-based technology, including reputation-based blocking and geo-location to filter unwanted traffic before it hits the network—stopping attacks before they happen. It gives security administrators visibility, recognition and policy enforcement of thousands of applications, providing them with additional control.

McAfee Firewall Profiler pinpoints in real-time how firewall rules and rule changes impact application availability, usage and security. Profiler turns hours and days of rule creation deployment and troubleshooting work into a matter of clicks by providing administrators visibility into the business impact of rule changes.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is available in traditional appliance form factors, in a new virtualized hardware appliance and as a software-based firewall virtual appliance. These delivery options allow customers to take advantage of virtualization technologies to lower cost and increase flexibility when consolidating datacenter and application environments and when bringing up new virtual environments. The McAfee Firewall Enterprise Virtual Appliance lets customers rapidly deploy protection into their own virtual environments on their own hardware.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliances are available starting at $1,500 USD. Exact pricing depends on customer requirements, selected model and associated add-on modules. The McAfee Firewall Profiler appliance starts at $9,750 USD and Firewall Enterprise Control Center starts at $2,400 USD.

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