Lansweeper 4.0: Network inventory tracking

Lansweeper 4.0 is a Windows network inventory application that will allow yo to do a complete inventory of your Windows network without the need to install an agent on all your workstations or servers.

A Lansweeper freeware version is ad-free and you can use it with unlimited clients in one domain.

You are not the only one who can view all hardware and software details of the clients and devices, the administrators and helpdesk staff in your company will be able to manage all your assets using a web interface where they can define custom reports, actions and scripts to make their daily support a lot easier.

Lansweeper comes with over 200 build-in reports, Active Directory integration, Customizable Actions, Licensing and compliance reports.

Version 4.0 is a major upgrade which brings:

  • Device scanning: discover routers, printers, linux, switches
  • Windows eventlog error scanning and alert mailing
  • Hardware and software change detection + history timeline
  • Product key scanning now supports Microsoft, Adobe and plain text keys. (300+ software key locations included)
  • Enhanced active directory integration.

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