Week in review: Money mules, community anti-virus and Facebook bugs and privacy issues

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and reviews:

Mobilizing a community to fight malware
The word about Immunet’s free anti-virus solution is spreading fast. But, what is Immunet Protect? How does it work? And what can account for such a fast adoption?

Q&A: OWASP AppSec Research
John Wilander is the chapter leader for OWASP Sweden and expert consultant at Omegapoint AB. In this interview he discusses OWASP AppSec Research, a major event dedicated to web application security.

Forged checks pass flawed examination process
The recent cases of two Texan women who had their personal information and checking account numbers stolen and used to validate bogus checks, have brought into the spotlight a questionable check processing methodology used by some retailers and banks.

Latest scams and how to avoid them
Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s “Today”, explaines the latest scams and how to avoid them.

Trojan disguised as a toolbar for Facebook
A Facebook toolbar is just what you need to make your sharing and connecting with friends easier, says in an email supposedly coming from “Facebook.com”.

New Yahoo! Messenger worm spotted
Unsuspecting users have been receiving instant messages containing malicious links from people on their contact list.

Money mules wanted
Reading about people unwittingly becoming money mules for cybercriminals, a lot of people wonder if they would be able to spot if the offer they received or searched for is illegitimate.

Google’s new Web application security course
As a part of its effort to educate Web application developers on how to sidestep common programming mistakes that leave the doors open for attackers, Google has unveiled a “Web Application Exploits and Defenses” course.

Demonstration of Facebook account credentials theft
A recent episode demonstrates how easily your Facebook account credentials can be stolen.

Security+ SY0-201 Video Mentor
When it comes to interactive material, there is one company that stands out: Pearson. This title is part of a fresh line of DVDs dedicated to certification.

Facebook security bug lets you eavesdrop on your friends’ chats
On Wednesday morning, a Facebook security flaw allowed users for a few hours to get a glimpse at their friends’ private chats and their their latest pending friend-requests.

Deleting yourself from the Web
People have begun realizing that it is better to remove some information from their various social-networking accounts and blogs that can be tied to them.

Fake Adobe Security Update malware campaign
The campaign targets Adobe customers and consists of a fake thread of forwarded emails that begins with a security update message from an employee in “Adobe Risk Management.”

A closer look at Tiptoe for Mac OS X
Zenopolis’ Tiptoe is a privacy application for Mac OS X that provides you with a “private browsing” like feature to all sorts of applications and to remove existing privacy data from them.

Clueless fraudster targets ThinkGeek
Popular online retailer ThinkGeek is – like many other retailers – sometimes targeted by fraudsters.

New Facebook bug adds unauthorized apps to your profile
Just a few days after the bug that let users see their friends’ personal chats, another Facebook bug has been discovered yesterday, and this one was adding applications to your Facebook profile without your knowledge or authorization.

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