Entrust SPOC ePassport released

Entrust released the Entrust SPOC ePassport solution. An important protocol developed by the European Union and the Brussels Interoperability Group (BIG), SPOC serves as the standardized mechanism for certificate management between countries for support of EAC-enabled ePassports.

Fully compliant with the SPOC specification, Entrust’s SPOC implementation is deployable in isolation or as a component of the comprehensive Entrust ePassport solution. When integrated with Entrust’s ePassport solution, the SPOC provides configurable options for manual, queued and automated processing of domestic and international certificate exchange and communication.

The Entrust SPOC ePassport solution is a component of the Entrust Authority public key infrastructure (PKI) platform. Entrust provides a unique dual-rooted ePassport PKI certification authority (CA) to allow seamless migration from first-generation (BAC) deployments to second-generation (EAC) architectures. Entrust provides ePassport security for many governments, including the U.S., Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, New Zealand and more.

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