New cloud powered ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

The new ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is powered by the community for stronger security – its DefenseNet service analyzes malware automatically reported by the community of millions of ZoneAlarm users. Once the safety or non-safety of a given program is determined, the information is then shared through the cloud, immediately blocking attacks and virtually eliminating the need for program alerts and interruptions.

The software uses both signatures and heuristics to block dangerous Websites that standard browser security misses. ZoneAlarm also includes an Identity Checkup with IDENTITY GUARD that allows customers to see if their identity and personal information has been exposed, and then can protect that personal information with ongoing monitoring, alerts and more.

ZoneAlarm pioneered the concept of free protection over a decade ago with its first free firewall, and Check Point remains committed to that principle. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall works seamlessly with other security software including free anti-virus software. Easy to download and install, it protects users from the most common online threats including:

  • Trojans and keyloggers — ZoneAlarm Free Firewall blocks Trojans and keyloggers from transmitting stolen information to hackers.
  • Zero-day threats — ZoneAlarm Free Firewall protects computers from malicious programs by blocking anything that is not specifically known to be good. In contrast, antivirus solutions provide unrestricted access until the programs are specifically identified as malicious via exact signature or by type of behavior.
  • Program hijacking and code injection — ZoneAlarm Free Firewall detects the difference between a real program and a fake one, and blocks both methods of attack.
  • Port scanners and vulnerability checkers — ZoneAlarm Free Firewall keeps the computer invisible and thus immune to such threats.

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