Beware when placing online bets during the World Cup

With the World Cup approaching, online players all over the world are preparing to place their bets on the different soccer games. Taking security issues into account and looking at the recent trends for online betting, most of the bets will be made through betting websites.

This occasion presents plenty of opportunities for hacking, phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks, when going online to place their bet.

To safeguard online players VASCO has outlined some guidelines to take into account when betting online during the World Cup period. Some simple rules can already help betters prevent from credit card details, digital assets or personal data getting exposed online. Cautious behavior includes:

  • Make sure the betting website is trustworthy and the operator is licensed
  • Check if the website has a privacy policy to make sure your personal data are safe
  • The website should be secured using SSL
  • Know what you are betting for; know what it will cost you
  • Choose a provider that uses two factor authentication which offers enhanced security for players placing bets.

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