iPhone app for two-factor authentication

Swivel Secure announced the immediate availability of the Swivel iPhone App further adding to the range of token-less user interface options available to users of their PINsafe technology.

The new iClient can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and enables users to generate a new one-time-code each time they need to authenticate their identity to access their corporate networks. The app gives users the ability to authenticate up to 99 login sessions between security string top-ups making it ideal for use in locations with limited GSM coverage when 2FA is critical.

PINsafe is used to enable authorized users to remotely access their desk top environments via an SSL VPN connection or secure Web application such as Microsoft OWA or Business Productivity Online Services suite.

The system provides users with a range of UI options depending on the level of access and the corporate security policy. For each login session the user is sent a security string most commonly as a browser image or in SMS format, which they use together with their secret PIN to generate a one-time-code.

PINsafe users can be configured by system administrators to use any one or a combination of the available UI options, with the capability to enforce different methods for different user access within the same system, based on corporate security policy.

The new iClient removes the costs associated with SMS or physical ID tokens and can be used with PINsafe v3.x without any additional license cost.

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