Mac users get universal, secure network access

NCP engineering released the NCP Secure Entry Mac Client which enables efficient handling and usage whilst providing “end-to-end’ security.

The software supports Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. The integrated personal firewall is active from system startup and allows users to define rules for ports, IP addresses and segments. Friendly Net Detection” provides automatic recognition of secure and insecure networks and activates the firewall rules needed.

The NCP VPN Path Finder technology allows for a secure data connection even in situations where no IPsec VPN connection is possible. For example, behind firewalls, which port settings generally denied IPsec communication such as in locations including in hotels or other public hotspots.

At all times, the user is able to inform himself about all connection and security states displayed on the intuitive graphical user interface. The high security level is proven by the quality criteria FIPS. The VPN client has a cryptographic algorithm according to FIPS standard. The embedded cryptographic module is certified according to FIPS 140-2.

NCP’s Secure Entry Mac Client License is currently available free of charge (usual price: 120€), please contact mac-client(ut) quoting the subject: “NCP Mac for Free”.

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