New Qualys Patch Report aligns IT security with operations

Qualys announced Patch Report, a new feature in QualysGuard Vulnerability Management to help customers quickly identify and implement patches to eliminate vulnerabilities in their IT environments.

The new reporting feature provides users with actionable patching information for non-security staff such as system administrators and patch management system operators. It includes prioritized lists of patches that need to be applied to a selected set of assets in order to reduce risk, without applying unneeded redundant patches.

The new QualysGuard Patch Report drives efficient remediation of vulnerabilities by:

  • Eliminating manual tasks and time spent looking through identified vulnerabilities and figuring out which patches will address each vulnerability, saving customers from redundant, unnecessary patching.
  • Providing accurate, easy-to-read reports with consolidated patching information for security or non-security staff (system administrators, patch management system operators, IT or operations staff).
  • Including a simple user interface that gives users the flexibility to create actionable patch reports sorted by host, patch, operating system or asset group. The user can dynamically filter this information to further reduce or increase the scope of the report.
  • Providing persistent search filters so anytime the user runs it, it generates the most up-to-date patch information based on recent scans and knowledgebase updates.

“At the request of our customers, we built this new Patch Report so they can provide their counterparts in operations with a meaningful, task-oriented, ‘out-of-the-box’ remediation plan,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO for Qualys.

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