IT pros expect network threats to increase as budgets decline

Of the 100-plus netForensics survey respondents, 85% believe their organization’s security environment will grow more complex over the next 24 months, leading to additional security threats in the second half of 2010 and into 2011. Yet, 53% believe their organization is not budgeting enough on security to manage increasing threats.

The study results conclude the need for increased budgeting and resources for network security, while also revealing that organizations are failing to maintain or increase security talent in order to prevent the forecasted threats.

“Based on the findings of our study, organizations are cutting security staff to reduce costs, yet the overall perception is that organizations will ultimately face more threats this year and next,” said Dale Cline, CEO of netForensics. “It’s troublesome to see that companies are not taking measures now to prevent the increasing and undeniable threats to their networks from occurring. With security staff remaining static or decreasing, and budgets not being allocated to put security processes in place, organizations are going to face greater challenges than ever to their security posture.”

Additionally, the survey showed that more than 65% of respondents do not feel confident their organization has complete visibility into its security posture at any given point in time. Respondents stated, “My organization is letting security people go,” “we allocate enough capital, but we are lacking in allocation of bodies to complete the work,” and “[our] organization [is] downsizing and reducing security positions.” Still with the increased threats and reduced staff, more than 70% of study respondents would not outsource their security.

The “Security in a Down Economy: Limited Budgets, Less Staff, More Threats” study shows a perceived increase in network threats throughout 2010 and into 2011. The study was conducted during the week of June 7, 2010 to learn about the impact the economic downturn has had on organizations’ security posture and budgets, and the potential consequences organizations will face over the next 12-24 months as a result.

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