Sentrigo expands Repscan with DB2 and MySQL support

Sentrigo released version 3.5 of Repscan, the vulnerability assessment and security scanning solution that now supports all of the most widely deployed DMBS platforms including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and MySQL databases.

Repscan test for more than 3,000 potential vulnerabilities and its reports help demonstrate compliance for audit purposes, and improve security overall for an enterprise’s data.

The solution now features a quick vulnerability check based on a port scan, which works with all supported databases to provide an initial view of potential threats immediately, until a more detailed and time-intensive scan can be completed. Running on any of Repscan’s supported platforms, customers also have access to penetration testing tools, forensic trace analysis, and a powerful database browser which allows security staff without specific database knowledge to test and evaluate database security.

Repscan is able to detect database modifications, neglected patches, insecure system configurations, weak and default passwords, as well as exploitable PL/SQL code and forensic traces. Beyond simply listing vulnerabilities, the system organizes items by priority, and provides actionable recommendations for remediation based on input from leading security researchers.

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