Free protection from malicious web pages

Trend Micro Browser Guard 2010 is a free browser plug-in which proactively protects users against Internet threats by identifying malicious web pages and blocking the threat before it can infect the user’s computer.

It can protect users from sophisticated Internet threats such as the Hydraq and Aurora Zero-day attacks. These type of attacks are comprised of malicious threats in various communication vectors—email, web, and file–and take advantage of zero-day, unknown, vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

Cybercriminals often secretly insert malicious JavaScript onto web pages in the hope that people using vulnerable versions of IE browsers visit these pages and inadvertently download the malware onto their computers.

Browser Guard protects users from such attacks by analyzing and subsequently blocking malicious JavaScript from exploiting vulnerabilities and performing malicious activities on the user’s computer. Browser Guard communicates with the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, bringing users the latest Internet protection whenever they surf the web, even if they use other Trend Micro products.

Supported operating systems for Browser Guard include: Windows XP Home/Professional (with the latest service pack), Windows Vista (with the latest service pack), and Windows 7.

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