Fake car tax adjustment information leads to malware

A wave of spam emails containing a malicious attachment is targeting car owners.

The subject line professes the email to be a heads-up about changes regarding the tax one must pay as an owner of an automobile. The phrasing changes from email to email – it could be any combination of the following words:

Adjustment/Changes/Switch/Modification in the car/automobile/motor vehicle fee/tax.

According to PandaLabs, the contents of the email – written in very bad English – run in line in with the subject and try to trick the recipient to download and execute the attached file (CAR_DOCUMENTATION.zip or similar):

The file in question is a Trojan designed to steal confidential information.

Users are advised to be extra careful when analyzing unsolicited emails and downloading and opening attached files. This one is a good example of how bad grammar and sentence construction can save you from being duped.

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