Trojan masquerades as iPhone jailbreaking software

An email campaigned targeting iPhone users who might want to jailbreak their device has been detected by BitDefender.

Only a couple of days after U.S. federal regulators decided and announced that the practice wasn’t illegal, cybercriminals have seized the opportunity to infect more systems, and the following email started hitting inboxes all over the world:

Clicking on the offered link will initiate a download of the iphone3gs-3g.exe file, which is actually a generic keylogger Trojan that records and sends everything the victim writes on the computer to a specific email address.

If you’re lucky, your anti-malware solution will detect the Trojan and deny your computer access to the file. But, in cases such as this it is better to remember that downloading an attachment or following a link from an unsolicited email is a very risky proposition.

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