Free online SSL test for web sites

Qualys announced a free online SSL test for web sites at Qualys SSL Labs, which examines a web site’s SSL certificate chain to ensure it is trusted and serves as a good security foundation for communications over the Internet.

“SSL is a successful protocol that serves as the security backbone of the Internet, but most sites just don’t have it well configured,” said Ivan Ristic, director of engineering for Qualys and creator of SSL Labs. “Qualys SSL Labs is non-commercial research effort focused on understanding how SSL is used as an attempt to make it better and help users everywhere configure it and use it properly.”

The test lets a user test a web site’s SSL certificate chain and performs comprehensive configuration analysis to detect configuration weaknesses and performance issues. Users simply enter the web site domain name, and the test will assess any server behind the domain. The test results include a numerical score, grading the SSL server across several categories, as well as a letter grade that rates the SSL configuration. To improve a score, guidelines and resources for improved SSL use are available at Qualys SSL Labs.

To use the free SSL testing tool, go here.

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