Movie files run in QuickTime Player trigger malware download

Specifically crafted .mov files trigger the download of malware masquerading as a codec update and an installation file for another player when run in the latest (7.6.6) version of QuickTime Player, TrendLabs reports.

Researcher Marco Dela Vega says that both files pretend containing Salt, the latest Angelina Jolie movie, but that his suspicion was aroused by the unusually small size of the files – small when compared to regular movie files, that is.

Upon running the movie files in QuickTime, the “movie” does not start and the download windows for the malware pop up, asking you to save/run the codec update or the installation file.

Trend Micro is still investigating the matter and it’s not yet known if this attack is possible due to a vulnerability or feature of QuickTime. Apple has, of course, been notified of the occurrence.

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