The hidden message in Toy Story 3 is a Facebook scam

The latest scam to hit Facebook users takes advantage of the recently released Toy Story 3:

Sophos reports that from the moment you click on the link, the scam follows a well known pattern: to view the picture (or video – depending on the scam), you must first “Like” the page, then help spread the word by posting the link on your wall, then finally fill-out an online survey. And, in the end, you don’t get to see the thing you wanted.

These kind of scams are running rampant on Facebook, which is a perfect platform for this kind of thing: the communication between members/friends is often very informal, and once you added someone as a friend you tend to trust the links they posted – since you already trusted them enough to allow them access to your profile.

If you have fallen for this scam – or many of the others who are trying to lure you with words like “Shocking!”, “Amazing!”, “OMG!”, “WFT!”, “You won’t believe it!”, and similar exclamations – it is best to take the time and delete references to it on your profile. Remove the posts, and remove the page from the list of pages you like, so that your friends don’t fall for the scam.

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