Facebook virus hoax spreading rapidly

Sophos is advising Facebook users to think before passing on a virus warning that is rapidly spreading across the social network. A large number of users are currently forwarding inaccurate advice, warning others to beware of a “virus” that claims a girl killed herself over a post her father made on her Facebook wall.

The text of the warning reads as follows:

However, the alerts are inaccurate, and members of the public are inadvertently spreading the hoax in the belief that they are helping Facebook friends to avoid the threat from a non-existent virus infection.

“Ironically, the bogus warning about the virus is spreading faster and wider, and is probably more of a nuisance, than a genuine malware outbreak,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

“The situation has been complicated by cybercriminals creating Facebook pages that pretend to offer pictures of the girl’s Facebook wall, but are really designed to generate money by sending unsuspecting users to online surveys. Scares like this can cause users to panic unnecessarily, and may mean that the public takes genuine virus outbreaks less seriously” he added.

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