Security information and event management platform

LogLogic 5 was released today. This is a product suite for centralizing and structuring IT data and its features are outlined below.

Universal Collection Framework (UCF): The first WAN-aware, store-and-forward, encrypted, compressed IT data transport. It allows customers to gather IT data, increase resilience, reduce network chatter and encrypt from almost any device, anywhere, quickly and easily. UCF leverages a new transport and store protocol that LogLogic intends to open source in the near future.

Log labels: Data description technology that allows text-based data to be intelligently structured, masking the intricacies of log or flow data. Companies can now auto-identify, parse and centrally manage data from applications and devices.

User-centric interface: Efficiency workflow research has led to the creation of a new management interface reducing remediation, discovery and management time with a workflow ontology.

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